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Shawn Manaher
Shawn Manaher
Updated on December 14, 2022
side hustles for teens

Most teens are looking for easy ways to make money. Here are the top things you can do to start earning your own income.

While you might not need enough money to pay bills while you’re a teen, it’s a good time to start working so you can save money for expenses you will have later. It’s also a good idea to start working so you can find your passion and learn how to work hard.

Some of the best side hustles for teens include babysitting, selling your artwork or crafts, and tutoring. You can also do online surveys or sell some of the older belongings you have that you don’t need.

Finding ways to make money as a teen is simple with this guide. We will cover the best ways to make money and tips for how to save the money you make.

Selling Products on Etsy

Etsy is one of the top places to sell crafts or artwork that you make. You can also sell a number of other things, including downloadable digital art, ceramics, clothing, gift items, or wall hangings. Etsy is a marketplace to sell many different items depending on what you like to make.

Some vendors even sell food products on Etsy. This is a great choice if you love to bake or have a special food item that you can make easily.

You need to be a little creative to sell something on Etsy and be able to offer an item that other people will enjoy having. You might also need to fine-tune your art skills or paintings before being able to sell them.

You also need to be 13 or older to sell your products. Make sure to always let your parents know if you plan to sell something online or if you need help making your profile on the website.

If you’re older than 16, you can use the website Redbubble to sell your artwork instead. This is another website like Etsy. You can always ask a parent to make the account for you if you’re younger, and they can help you manage the account.

Babysitting and Petsitting

This is one of the most common ways to make extra money as a teen, but it requires some responsibility and motivation. You might also need previous experience with kids or pets to be hired. You also need to enjoy spending time with kids and pets. Babysitting and petsitting can be fun and rewarding when you enjoy what you’re doing.

Keep in mind that to babysit, some parents might require you to be CPR or first aid certified. This gives them peace of mind when they’re alone with their kids. Many cities offer CPR training for free or for a small fee, so you can get the certification to make yourself more marketable.

The best way to find babysitting jobs is by word of mouth. Your parents might know families with younger kids that can be a good first job for you. You can also advertise your services at church or a daycare to show parents that you are available to work.

If you plan to advertise your services on social media, make sure you have a parent to help you write the post if you’re younger than 13, as most social media websites want you to be 13 or older before having an account.

Offer Services on Social Media

There are many services like babysitting and pet-sitting that you can advertise online on social media websites like Facebook and Nextdoor. If you don’t want to babysit or pet-set, though, there are many other options you can put online. Here are some of the most common services advertised to help you find work:

  • Grocery shopping for elderly neighbors 
  • Plant sitting for people when they’re on vacation 
  • Helping people move or pack 
  • Lawn mowing and yard work 

All you need to do is figure out what you’re good at or what you want to do, and then you can advertise it online. Social media platforms are one of the top ways to get your information visible and start finding clients.

Nextdoor is free to sign up for and might be better than Facebook because it allows you to target your neighborhood specifically. You can put in your email address and street address to find people around you who need help.

If you are using Facebook, you can find community Facebook pages from your city or neighborhood and advertise your services on those pages since people living around you will see them.

You can download Facebook and Nextdoor as apps on your phone to make it easier to get notifications and messages.

Online Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money. Creating online surveys is also easy and allows you to write about your own opinions which can be fun. Many companies will conduct online surveys when they want to know consumers’ opinions about new products.

Companies also want to do market research because it allows them to know what kind of products they should make in the future that will sell better.

All you need to do is visit these market research websites and make an account. They will then match you with surveys you are eligible to take. You might need to wait to get matched with surveys so you will not be automatically accepted.

Some online survey websites require you to be 18, while others only need you to be 16.

Selling Old Things

Almost everyone has old things around the house that they can sell. This could be anything from toys to clothes to furniture that your parents don’t want anymore. You can also ask your relatives if they have some things they don’t want that they don’t mind you selling for them.

For many online selling websites like eBay, you need to be 18 or older to sell products. You will need to ask your parents for help with the account, and they can help you monitor messages and activities that come through on the account.

eBay will charge you some small fees when you sell items, including an insertion fee and a final value fee. You will not have insertion fees on the first 250 items you sell per month. Most teens do not surpass 250 items in one month anyway, so you may not need to pay the insertion fees.

This means you will only need to be charged a small final value fee which won’t take too much away from your final profits.


Tutoring is one of the best ways to earn money and make your own schedule. You can also gain experience and then tutor professionally once you start college. You can hang fliers around your school, if they allow it, where you can advertise your tutoring services.

You can also advertise these skills on social media as you did with other services listed above. You can either tutor in person, or you can tutor online if you have access to a computer and stable internet. Online tutoring has become very popular and cost-effective for many since they don’t have to pay for transportation.

Some tutoring websites make you 18 for an account, but there are plenty of other ones that do not have an age requirement. You can always make an account with the help of a relative or parent.

How to Find a Side Hustle

One of the hardest parts of doing a side hustle is first finding the best one. You might prefer a different side hustle compared to your friends. You don’t have to do the same thing everyone else is doing. First, take time to think about what you would enjoy so that you can find a side hustle that fits your hobbies.

If you enjoy your side hustle, you are more likely to work hard at it and make more money. You also need to make sure the side hustle is not interfering with your school schedule and your ability to achieve good grades.

If you need help finding people to work with, you can always consult your parents or an older person that you trust to give you some advice. You can always change side hustles later in the game if you find that the first one is not working for you.

In Closing

Side hustles are great for teens whether they are in addition to a part-time job or not. Having a side hustle can teach you work ethic and maybe even open some doors for you later to find a hobby or job that you like. It can also help you start earning and saving money for the future, such as buying a car or college tuition.

While there are endless options for side hustles for teens, some of the best ones include babysitting, selling old things online, and doing online surveys. You can also tutor younger students and advertise services on social media.

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